Tranquil and Tonic

I’ll be your valium, If you’ll be my speed. Always give out space, We’ll only take what we need. I’ll draw out the moon, If you hang up the sun. We can melt back down, Into each other as one. ~by Nik Krutilla on HelloPoetry Wearing: on Munky: Daddy’s Choice Designs – Valentina PJ Pants … More Tranquil and Tonic

Ice Cream Break

The best time for ice-cream is…. ALWAYS! Wearing: FashionNatic – Ella -Maitreya, Bellezae, &Slink- 50 color HuD for main/laces/pocket/straps/cuffs FashionNatic – Lisa – Maitreya, Bellezae, &Slink- 60 color HuD for main/40 color trim/waistband/Bow Reign.– Dahlia Sandals – Maitreya, Belleza, &Slink – 25 color main/laces/flower ::C’est la vie !:: Chus JK Gacha (jacket on shoulder) Poses: … More Ice Cream Break


ˌənəˈvāləb(ə)l/ adjective adjective: unavailable 1. not able to be used or obtained; not at someone’s disposal. “material that is unavailable to the researcher” 2. (of a person) not free to do something; otherwise occupied. “the men were unavailable for work” Wearing: Eyelure – Unavailable Dress @Designer Circle till 4/28 4 options available – bonus content … More un·a·vail·a·ble

Bubble Baths

I find myself slipping back into the love I had for you like sliding down the tub submersing my head till every sound outside is muffled and distant how I love the world below the bubbles that float on top of the bath so peaceful, and serene but I cannot stay under too long enjoying … More Bubble Baths


There are days when I sit alone in cafés with coffee as my friend and a book as my reason for why I stay so long Pretending not to watch not seeing anyone I stare at my book and make out I read when all the while I sneak a look I hear their talk … More Cafés