Girls Night}~

One by one the girls arrive Leaving their mothers to drive Home alone is where they’ll go While the girls say hello ‘Hello bestfriend’ ‘How have you been? ‘ ‘Pillow fight’ the brave declares Then it’s off without a care Pillows start hitting Nobody is sitting A hit to the head A race to the … More Girls Night}~

My Happy Place

Design Set: Bee Designs – Coastal Gazebo @Sanarae -comes with Couch & 2 chairs, 2 beautiful ocean pictures -chairs have 8 Female, 8 male, & 6 Cuddles -couch has 2 male & 2 female single sits & 8 Passion/1 Sequence Passion plus 8 DaddyCouch & 1 sequence DaddyCouch Little Branch –  MoonFlowerShrub{Animated}@ The Chapter Four … More My Happy Place