Not This Time …}~

Okay, Cupid…
Okay, Cupid, tell me true-
The hell’d I ever do to you?
You flap about, your bowstring drawn
Aiming just to lead me on.

“Oh, she’s the one!” You always say,
And with a ‘thwip’, arrows away!
And when it hits, right in my heart,
Proceeds to tear the world apart.

And then you just flutter away,
No doubt thinking “good job, today!”
But Cupid, sir, you fail to tell
That my poor heart is in for hell.

Now, love is grand, don’t get me wrong,
But never seems to last for long.
Those arrows you’re so fond to fire
Are sometimes too quick to expire.

So, Cupid, mate, step up your game,
Or redirect your blasted aim.
If love is such a complex trick,
Don’t shoot at me you little *****!
~by Clayborn Todd Wooton Jul 2016

Not Today Cupid!2

Blueberry – Unbothered Set

{Limerence} Malena hair

Something New for Stupid Cupid Hunt Feb 3rd – 29th
Hint: Not before I have my Morning Coffee Cupid!
Not Today Cupid
Pink Unicorn – San Francisco \ Green

Disorderly – Hearty Snacks/Cookie Box/Pink
Ariskea – [Folia] Flower paper bag [sunrise]

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