Come, Fairies}~

Share with me your twinkletoe way
of tickling the daisies,
teach me your rabbit enchantments.

I want to know how to buzz bumblespeak,
how to sail like a swallowtail,
all gentle swoops and loop-de-loops.

The tall grass sways with your mischief, the mushrooms
bloom with your magic.

Come fairies, it’s a poet knocking.
I bring word-bouquets and baskets
of freshbaked metaphor.

Won’t you please …
open your door?

~by Irene Latham

This Fairy Gate is GORGEOUS .. and comes with several single female poses and about 6 couple poses~


Z.O.E. @ The Trunk Show till March 18th .. HURRY!
Fairy Garden Gate
Beaded Lantern
Fairy Garden Candle Bowl Stump

Precious Ponies
Fallow Fawns

[we’re CLOSED]
sunbeam(past group gift)
Hayabusa Design
Europe Deep Forest

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