Candy Crush}~

It’s Halloween and I’ve gorged again
Eating as much as several men
Sickened last year, didn’t learn then
After I start I can’t say when
Now what’s left is scattered about
Stomach’s gone from thin to stout
Will take months to work this out
I’ll regret it tomorrow without a doubt
Candy corn, bars and lollipops
Tasted so good I couldn’t stop
Ate so much my belly might pop
Exhausted on the couch I flop
I have to admit with some dismay
That Haloween’s still a week away
Adding shame to this display
I have to buy more later today
~by Eric Niehoff


FashionNatic – Mandy Set
– Top & Pants
– Freya, Hourglass, & Maitreya
– 40 solid & 10 prints for the top
& 40 solids for the straps
– Colors Hud with 40 colors for Pant Upper & lower/Belt/& Pocket Trim
– Denim Hud with 10 Denimns for Pant Upper & lower/Belt/& Front Pocket Trim

Junk Food @ Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa till NOV1st
Candy Cart
– rezzable cart
– also available attachable cart w/AO

:::Phoenix::: – Ruby Hair

Design Set:
Something Savvy – 3D Milk Fridge
Something Savvy – Fruit & Vegetable Display 1

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