The Joy of Solitude ..

Solitude is creativity’s best friend, and solitude is refreshment for our souls.
~Naomi JuddJoyofSolitude.jpg

Design Set Featuring:
Z.O.E. :
-Elegant Bookshelf – Black(also available in light & red)
-Shop Table 4(available in 3 other wood shades)
-Beaded Table Lamp

Salacity(&Ella) – Sotto Chair
Salacity(&Ella) – Filson Table
Salacity Drink Coaster
Fancy Decor: Potted Succulent
Fancy Decor: Clasp Boxes
Balaclava!! Books [vertical B]
..::THOR::.. Books – Group 1 + Memories
Sway’s [Creativity] Books
.:revival:. basket books
Toronto-Study books stack
Toronto-Study books
GOOSE – A girls hide out – books
{what next}  – Diamonds Rug (natural) – small
{what next} – Pothos Plant (stand)
{what next} Retro Clock
Toronto-Picture frame2


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