Cupid Must Die

Cupid sucks, I hope he dies!
He fills your heart with empty lies.

He makes you think that love is real.
He completely manipulates how you feel.

He is really mean deep down in his heart.
He’ll rip and tear your world apart.

So if you see him with his bow in hand.
Be cautious of where his arrow may land.

For it may seem great from the start.
But it’ll do permanent damage to your heart.

Although with time your wound may heal.
I’m just trying to save you from what I feel.

You see, I was hit by Cupid with his bow.
And I still feel the pain from so long ago.

But it’s getting better from day to day.
As long as Cupid stays the hell away!
~by Holly Armor



You guys this cake is TOO awesome! And this weekend only is on SUPER SALE through the 21st so run out and get it quick!!  She also has a really cute Valentine Teddy on the super sale I didn’t get a picture of that..sorry!




Now, this outfit.. Anti-Cupid.. saving my behind from getting my heart broke again!! YAY .. this outfit is a gorgeous blood red velvety color and the wings are great.. you have to love the F**K you head dress right?


Z.O.E.  – Anti-Cupid – includes
~Toga –
~ Heels
~ Wings
~ Bow&Quiver
~ Middle Finger Headress
~Bloody Mess Applier – Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink
~ Omega Makeup Applier

:::Phoenix::: Harper

created by me

Design Set:
Z.O.E. Denied! Proposal Cake – available this weekend on SUPER SALE through the 21st for $45L after Sunday it will be $75L
LAQ Decor ~ Kitchen







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