Dear Santa

Dear Santa, this Christmas my list is quite small.
In fact, I need practically nothing at all.
My list is so short and so easy to read
because there’s just one thing I actually need.

A reindeer for Christmas is all I require;
a reindeer, of course, who’s an excellent flier.
I really don’t care if it’s Dasher or Dancer.
I’m okay with Cupid or Comet or Prancer.

Please don’t think I’m greedy; I only want one.
You won’t even miss him, and I’ll have such fun.
I promise I’ll feed him and treat him just right,
and take him out flying around every night.

You see, I’m not selfish. So, for my surprise
this Christmas, please bring me a reindeer that flies.
But if my request is a bit much for you,
I guess that an iPod will just have to do.
~ Kenn Nesbitt





After hearing the commotion and running outside I found this beautiful beast in my yard .. it was chilly so I had to grab a coat to put on then enjoy some time hanging out in the yard with him!

Isn’t he gorgeous? He even let me sit on him for awhile. Then I sat and fed him some carrots, I even nibbled on one with him.

Do you think Santa brought him for me?!

How awesome would that be!!

Oh.. we’re going to have a great time together me and Dancer!!

I also need to point out that the Z.O.E. Boots fit perfectly over Blueberry leggings!


!PCP ::(Pink Cream Pie) –  Christina – Fatpack has 24 color Shirt/8 color gems HuD – Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink @Pay it Forward till Dec 25th Midnight – these items are no copy/transfer only to be able to give them away – “pay it forward”
!PCP ::(Pink Cream Pie) – Christmas Sash Gacha(in the main store) – Go Elf Yourself
~Le Fashion Whore~ Elsa Puffer Jacket Fatpack
Z.O.E. Everyday Boots – Maitreya, Slink, & Belleza(HG)-12 color HuD
Blueberry – Poppy Leggings – Maitreya, Slink,& Belleza – Fatpack comes with colors/ombre/& patterns – can also be bought by single color

*TKW* Rapo

**SN~(SomethingNew) –  My Reindeer- Dancer RARE
***SN~ My Reindeer-Cupid #3
**SN~My Reindeer- Donner #2
**SN~ My Reindeer- Blitzen #1

@Gacha Good Winterfest till the 31st

                       *SL*(SweetLies) – Teddy Bear Gacha – Sweet Lies Box RARE                              @past gacha event

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