Go ahead try it anyways.
You don’t weigh that much
It won’t break!!

I LOVE  this gacha set by MOoH that’s at the Twe12ve till the 31st so ya better hurry down there an get it! It’s 50L a pull.. I WON this set for coming up with the Thin Ice sign .. she wanted something funny for it! I’m so glad I won its awesome. I hope you enjoy it too. And while you’re there at Twe12ve you need to grab this awesome ice skating dress with a hud for multiple colors and 2 different pairs of ice skates, one animated the other just for posing!!

This Ice Snow

~Le Fashion Whore~ Darcy Skating Outfit – 11 Color Hud for Skirt/DressTop/Belt/Collar with on/off lace overlay for skirt-Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink, 4 color Omega Tight Applier Hud, 2 pair of skates 1 animated -11 color Hud for skates plain & snowflakes @Twe12ve

*TKW* Dubet Browns

Belle Poses – Amy #3

Design Set:
MOoH! – Snow Scene Gacha @Twe12ve
MOoH! Hot Chocolate stand 2LI RARE
MOoH! Snowy fence wt lights 3LI RARE
MOoH! Skate rink 14LI RARE
MOoH! Cups wt hot coco 3LI
MOoH! Hot coc dispenser 2LI
MOoH! Log bench wt snow 3LI
MOoH! Penguin female 3LI pink
MOoH! Penguin female 3LI white
MOoH! Penguin male 3LI blue
MOoH! Penguin male 3LI grey
MOoH! Single winter tree 4 LI
MOoH! Snow boy 1LI
MOoH! Snow girl 1LI
MOoH! Snow man 1LI
MOoH! Snowy logpile 2 LI
MOoH! Winter sled 2LI
MOoH! Winter trees 2 LI
MOoH! Wood sign 1LI

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