Fan-girl ..

… a female fan, especially one who is obsessive about .. well.. whatever it is she’s obsessive about.. me.. Kenny Rolands AWESOME sexy yet classy women’s clothing!!

I’m not a psychopath
I’m a high functioning
Do your research!

Fangirl Problem:
When you want to buy all the merch, but you can’t!

When you’ve applied to Blog for someone you fangirl over and want to show them how much you love their stuff!! Oh.. and can I just say I found these awesome denim heels that go perfectly with this dress!! 


[KR] JANNYCE DRESS – Dark Jean’s

*TKW* Zajac Browns

Design Set & Pose:
JAC Boat Shack V1.0 – REDGRAVE
JIAN ‘dorable Danes 2. Adult Companion RARE
JIAN ‘dorable Danes 6. Harlequin Companion Pup
[B.B]>Pose Pack Mia<


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